The Lawrence Arms-An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance DVD out today!

THE LAWRENCE ARMS, An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance DVD is out today! Filmed in Chicago at The Metro during THE LAWRENCE ARMS 10 year anniversary show, Crankstrap Productions captured a remarkable evening. Take a look at this trailer and order your copy now! We’re thrilled to find out that THE LAWRENCE ARMS will be recording a new album (we’re even more thrilled to not find out via twitter!) but hey, check out what Brendan wrote below and get stoked for a new record, and tour plans (sorry Texas).

Since the dawn of time, man has dreamt of the day when the Lawrence Arms Live DVD would be unleashed onto the world. Now, at long last, that day is upon us. I know that some of the industrious among you have already preordered “An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance” and received the awesome, Sean Nader designed beer (or seltzer or whatever you drink from a can) koozie, so nice work on being ahead of the curve. For the rest of you, sit back and marvel at the Lawrence Arms’ semi-competent musicianship, passable good looks and willingness to play songs.

Fer real though, this is an awesome video of a really fun night and we’d like to thank everyone who was involved, from the crowd to the Metro staff, to our own crew, and of course the incomparable Travis Brooks, his gang of pervy henchmen and Matt Allison for making the whole thing look and sound great.

So get stoked. Also, it bears mentioning that we’ve got a lot of exciting shit going on at team Lawrence Arms, all of which will become public shortly, but let me promise you, we’re working on a new album and we plan on playing shows in your town to promote it (unless you live somewhere like Texas).

That’s all. Get back to your internet pornography.