The Lawrence Arms announce 2012 tour dates!

You heard it right, The Lawrence Arms have announced 2012 touring plans! Check the dates here and read what Brendan Kelly had to say about it below!

In 2011, The Lawrence Arms only played two shows, once with the mighty Dead Milkmen and once out in SF for the Asian Man spectacular. It was, all things considered, a pretty slow year. Now, in the opening moments of 2012, in honor of the apocalypse, we’re gonna go ahead and straight up DOUBLE our entire last year’s worth of playing out in January alone. That’s right! We were talking and we realized that we haven’t played Detroit since the day Oh! Calcutta! came out (which was 2006, for fucks sake!) We haven’t played Cleveland or St. Louis since the fall of that same year, and we couldn’t very well play around the midwest without doing a hometown show…SO I’m happy to announce The Lawrence Arms 2012 Megalithic Mondothon World Tour dates, which include, and are limited to the aforementioned Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit and Cleveland. Uh, yeah. That’s it. Also, I don’t know when we’re playing again, so get over here if you’re interested. And we’re bringing the Holy Mess (winners of the "sweatiest nutsack in Pennsylvania [group category] three years running) and LORD (featuring Rob Kellenberger from Slapstick, Tuesday, Duvall, Smoking Popes, Colossal, Slugbug, the Quickness and the Reason etc.) along for the ride, so hold onto your panties/jockstraps. And so forth.

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