The Real McKenzies album is out today! Plus new video!

The Real McKenzie’s long-awaited Songs of the Highland, Songs of the Sea, is out TODAY! Stream it on all digital services. Grab a physical copy through our site or at your local record store. Europe, batten down the hatches. The band will be hitting your shores in 2023. For the rest of the world, watch their brand new video for the lead anchor track, “The Bonnie Ship The Diamond,” below!

"The Bonnie Ship, The Diamond, was made famous by The Corries, one of my all-time favorites. It was written in the early 1830s to pay homage to the Scottish fisherman that paid the ultimate price hunting the great whales in Greenland. During that time, around 20 ships were crushed by the ice and many men froze to death or drowned. The Diamond was among those ill-fated ships. Tis' a beautifully written old Scottish song with a true and tragic story." - Paul McKenzie


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