Uke-Hunt, Sundowner and Less Than Jake out now!

Today, we are embracing the Latin phrase “omne trium pefectum,” or, perfection in threes. So, on this June 10th release day for three new Fat records, perfection comes in the form of Uke-Hunt, Less Than Jake, and Sundowner!

UKE-HUNT! We’ve premiered two songs this week off of their debut album, Uke-Hunt, out today. Head over to Esquire to listen to ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and to Exclaim! to hear ‘Because.’ Then enter this contest!

LESS THAN JAKE! These guys have been jet setting across the globe supporting their latest full length, See the Light, and kick off the Warped Tour today in Alaska! Don’t miss them. The a-side and title track of the new single Do the Math is from last year’s exceptional See the Light album while the b-side is a previously unreleased original titled “Connect the Dots,” an outtake from the album sessions and mixed by one Stephen Egerton! Be sure to visit their booth at Warped Tour as they’ll be hanging out for a few hours a day and don’t forget to check the schedule as they play a different time slot each day!

SUNDOWNER! We’ve been delivering live video performances of each song on the 7" recorded at Little Elephant and if you missed it, you can watch all four songs here! Then, head over and purchase your copy today. If you’re curious what Chris from SUNDOWNER listens to while exercising, touring, or getting into the summer spirit, you can listen to his spotify playlist on our tumblr page. Enjoy!