Watch Bad Cop/ Bad Cop's "Pursuit of Liberty" Video!

Bad Cop/Bad Cop released their stellar album, The Ride, on June 19th. Leading up to the release, we premiered songs, streamed the entire album early, and dropped a badass quarantine video featuring women across the globe rocking out to their infectious single, “Simple Girl.”

Now, we are jumping back in with a brand new video for their fierce track, “Pursuit of Liberty.” The song is written by bassist/vocalist Linh Le, whose family fled Saigon in 1975; while the song isn’t about her family, it was crafted to bring awareness to the current treatment of refugees in the United States. As Linh adds, “This country is supposed to be the Land of Opportunity.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their dreams and live their best life…especially those that have no choice but to risk theirs in pursuit of it.”