WESTERN ADDICTION in the city of Western Addictions.

It’s almost time for Punk Rock Bowling, and one of the Fat bands playing this year (for the first time ever) is Western Addiction. With new bassist Tony Teixeira, they’re warming up for Vegas with an epic show alongside The Briefs and Night Birds on Thursday in San Francisco. Friday night at the Beauty Bar will be their Las Vegas debut. Expect a scorching set complete with a brand new song! And at the rate these guys produce new material, this really IS something special! To get you into the spirit, singer/guitarist Jason Hall spent hours toiling away to make the ultimate Punk Rock Bowling Spotify playlist! Deep within the layered track listing is a band that Fat has signed and has yet to announce, so fire up the rumor mill! Lastly, read an article in the SF Weekly about Western Addiction and their ties to Fat.