Why the bleeps on NOFX: Backstage Passport?

We’d like to set the record straight about the bleeps in NOFX: Backstage Passport. We sent the original tapes for the show to FUSE back in 2007, they digitized them and edited them for TV, and then they “LOST” the unedited masters. After two months of FUSE “looking for them” we decided to move on. Therefore, our only choice was to use Fuse’s edited version for the DVD. We agree, it totally sucks that all the colorful language has been censored, but we’re just glad that the DVD will make Backstage Passport accessible to more people than originally saw it when FUSE aired it…Plus, we did our very best to make up for all that bleeping in the 2 hours of bonus footage—there’s something in there to offend everybody! Hurray!