Zach Quinn's One Week Record Vinyl out November 11th!

Have you ever pondered what Zach Quinn, singer of PEARS, is like in his quiet moments? Does he even have quiet moments? When he isn’t stomping holes in a stage, he’s always moving. That motion continued from the PEARS stages to a more contemplative path, when he partnered with Joey Cape to produce and release his solo album over at One Week Records. As Zach explains, “This was the most fun I’ve had making a record. I showed up with a bunch of stuff that was unfinished, and we fleshed it out in the studio. It was like going to songwriting summer camp. The One Week concept only works because Joey has such good taste and clear vision, and there’s nothing more exciting for me than working with someone from whom there is so much to learn. The Caper is unparalleled. I’m super proud of this one.” Zach Quinn’s debut solo album was released digitally back in May on One Week Records. FAT will be releasing the vinyl edition on November 11th. If you haven’t heard a track yet, head to New Noise to listen to “Infinite Sigh,” then pre-order your copy of the vinyl edition, or grab the digital version here!