Lagwagon & TLA on "Back in the U.S.S.A. Tour"!

Fuuuuck yeah. Talk about monsters of rock! Fat and Interpunk are teaming up to blow this one outta the water and bring you the most kick-assest tour of the Summer: the Back in the U.S.S.A. Tour with Lagwagon, The Lawrence Arms, and Nitro’s A Wilhelm Scream. It starts July 19th in Chicago; see the dates here. Our pals at Interpunk are also providing some limited edition tour shirts which will be available on their site as well as from the bands at the shows. Now feast your eyes upon the the tour poster. Warning: tour poster contains images of a...

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New mp3 & video from NOFX!

Get hyphy! Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing is out April 18th and we’re giving away some cool shit through Fat Mailorder. A bottle opener with CDs, and a sticker for LPs. Pssst! The free shit is gone, sorry! A note to overzealous, maniacal record-collecting nerds: the LPs will be available on Wednesday. One LP per household. Unless you can really prove that you live in a punkhouse/squat. We’ve also got a new NOFX mp3 for y’all to hear. We know the record has yet to leak online, and the wait must be KILLING some of you, so we hope this helps...

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Gimmes video and update!

Well, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are taking their sweet ol’ time with their next record but we managed to get some details outta the band. This time they’re covering both styles of music: Country & Western. From the Dixie Chicks to Garth, Hank Sr. to Cash. Some of the crappy titles that are being thrown around are Lower The Bar, Cash In, and Can’t Quit You. Look for that thing to be out in October, but at this rate, who knows. Until then you can check out a video from their performance at Jonny’s Bar Mitzvah. It’s a...

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See new records from Good Riddance & Dead To Me!

The new GR full length is out June 27th and it’s called My Republic. Those guys will be playing a few shows on the West Coast this Summer and hopefully there’ll more touring later this year. Chuck’s gig as a pro cyclist has got him pretty tied up, ya see. Then there’s Dead To Me’s debut, Cuban Ballerina. That’s out July 11th (a mere two days after the World Cup final!) and those guys are about to play some shows with pals Strike Anywhere and Rise Against. Good times. To hear two new DTM demos, check out their myspace page.

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Records from Strike Anywhere & Against Me!

Sure they left Fat, but they still gave us a killer live record AND they came to my surprise birthday party. Say what? Anyhow, Against Me! has titled their live record and set a release date. It’s been dubbed Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live In London!!!. Very excitable, those kids. Out August 22nd, y’all. Then there’s Strike Anywhere, who just recently finished their new record and have named it Dead FM. If you ask us (and mind you, we’re drunks) we think it’s their best batch of songs yet. That is out September 5th and it’ll change your life.

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