Heavy Petting Zoo

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Epitaph 86457 - January 31, 1996

We recorded this with Ryan Greene up in San Francisco at Razors Edge. A total dive. It was actually just an apartment with a studio in the garage, but it was cool. Weird record. I thought it was the coolest record when we finished it, but a few months later I wasn’t so sure. Some of those songs are kinda weird. I like the cover a lot though. I think it sold well in Belgium. -NOFX

13 song CD & LP

Track Listing

1. Hobophobic (Scared Of Bums)
2. Philthy Phil Philanthropist
3. Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
4. Bleeding Heart Disease
5. Hot Dog In A Hallway
6. Release The Hostages
7. Liza
8. What’s The Matter With Kids Today?
9. Love Story
10. The Black And White
11. Whatever Didi Wants
12. August 8th
13. Drop The World

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