I Heard They Suck Live!

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FAT528 - August 22, 1995

17 or so songs recorded live in Hollywood. Hear NOFX babble about food, drugs, and their personal hygienic problems. A must for all NOFX fans.

19 track CD & LP

Color Repressing of 712 on color vinyl:
337 On Orange Vinyl (No Longer Available)
375 On Green Vinyl (no longer available)

Track Listing

1. (Witty Banter)
2. Linoleum
3. You’re Bleeding
4. Moron Brothers
5. Punk Guy
6. Bob
7. Life O’ Riley
8. You Drink, You Drive, You Spill
9. Nothing But a Nightmare (Sorta)
10. East Bay
11. Soul Doubt
12. Kill All The White Man
13. Beer Bong
14. Six Pack Girls
15. Together On The Sand
16. Nowhere
17. The Brews
18. Buggley Eyes
19. (Crowd Leaves)

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