NOFXxX 10x10" (Black Vinyl)

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BTTGXxX - Jan 2024

What is X times X? …

Well for this version, it is all Black Vinyl - 10x10"Records WITHOUT a slipcase, but at an (almost) 10x10 price! And...

I say hello to people,

Dear people, I am announcing a new cool thing that I am very stoked on…. And I am announcing it at a time that is not ideal. NOFX are releasing a new box set of 10 new songs on 10, 10 inch records. Each 10 inch has the original demo version of the song, and an acoustic version of the song. These are the songs that we recorded during our “live in the studio” thing last year.

The really cool thing about these 10 inches is the artwork. We got original art by Mark de Salvo, Cam Rackam, Jennie Cotterill, Shepard Fairey, Tokyo Hiro, and more. Unlike the 7 inch of the month club…. We spent money getting really great artists! I’m super stoked on the songs too! I’ve never done so many acoustic songs before and the demos sound pretty rad too.

This will be our last 10 inch vinyl box set club. I’m proud of it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Very Sincerishly,

Fat Mike

Art by:
Cam Rackam
Tom Goober
Hannah Vandermolen
Jason Cruz
Jennie Cotterill
The Mad Twins
Mark DeSalvo
Rad Astronaut
Shepard Fairey
Tokyo Hiro
Matt Hensley

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