Chris Cresswell

Chris Cresswell

I can easily frame my feelings about becoming a part of the One Week family in a very “how did I get here?!” sort of way. After spending much time playing in a punk rock band, a few years ago a different sound started coming out of me. Different kinds of songs, and a different approach to writing lyrics, which really called for a different project altogether. I was excited about this new wing of songwriting, but I was admittedly hesitant about releasing a full-fledged album in support of these ideas, plainly out of nervousness. That is, until Joey Cape approached me about One Week Records.

Joey and I spent a lot of time together when The Flatliners toured alongside Lagwagon in 2012. Being in that position was quite thrilling, as I’ve always looked up to Joey in many ways. When I was initially getting into punk rock music as a kid, it really was Lagwagon that opened my eyes to how important melody and lyrics are to all kids of music. Looking back, I think I was searching for something in punk rock that would blow the roof off of the other styles of music I had heard. Something that was just fast, void of bullshit, and didn’t leave you with much time to think. Of course, I found that in a million bands, in and outside of punk rock, but there was something about Joey’s lyrics and melodies that proved that that was indeed what I was in search of. A way to play raw, powerful punk rock music, and be smart and clever about it.

Immediately after an acoustic set I played in July 2013, opening for Scorpios, Joey approached me saying something along the lines of “Dude, we have to talk after Scorpios’ set. It’s really important.” I agreed to chat, not fully realizing that I would have to wait and wonder what we were going to talk about for their entire 2 hour long set. The anticipation was killing me, but in the end an opportunity unfolded before me that I could never turn down. “Come out to San Francisco and make a record with me” were the words I heard from a musical hero of mine. I had never envisioned making an entire solo album until it was suggested by Joey Cape.

Having experience making records with a band prepared me in many ways for making this one, though I never really properly anticipated the marathon that week truly became. I found that Joey and I work very well together, and getting the opportunity to collaborate with him; to sit in his studio and sing songs with him that I wrote; to sip on whiskey together at the end of the night in celebration was nothing short of fantastic. Having Joey involved in shaping these songs means the world to me and is something I will never forget.

Recording a 10-song album in 7 days is equal parts exciting and challenging, but I truly believe that nothing one loves should ever be all too easy. That rewarding feeling only arrives at your door after overcoming a challenge. And wouldn’t life be boring without it’s challenges?