Swingin' Utters

Five Lessons Learned

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FAT574 - June 23, 1998

How you say “The epitome of San Francisco punk rock?” We don’t know how the hell YOU say it, but WE say it Swingin’ Utters! Their second full length on Fat, and their best album ever!

15 song CD & LP (limited number on white vinyl, no longer available)
2016 color vinyl repress:
277 on Red Vinyl. No Longer Available.


Track Listing

1. Five Lessons Learned
2. Tell Me Lies
3. A Promise To Distinction
4. The Stooge
5. Picture’s Perfect
6. This Bastard’s Life
7. As You Start Leaving
8. I Need Feedback
9. Good People
10. As Sure As I’m Down
11. Untitled 21
12. Unpopular Again
13. New Day Rising
14. Two Jacks Shitty
15. Fruitless Fortunes

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