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Fat Music For Fest People VIII

This item is sold out and not available to order.

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FAT431 - October 26, 2018

Fat Music for Fest People VIII - originally available at The Fest 17 flea market.

Vinyl Only.

Track Listing

1. Night Birds– Radium Girls
2. Lagwagon– In Your Wake
3. Swingin' Utters– Undertaker, Undertake
4. Sundowner – Grey On Grey
5. Banner Pilot– Heat Rash
6. Leftöver Crack– Muppet Namblin'
7. Direct Hit!– Different Universe
8. The Lawrence Arms– Cut It Up
9. Pears – Mollusk's Mouth
10. The Lillingtons– They Live
11. Bad Cop/Bad Cop– Warriors
12. Useless ID– Tour Song #2

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