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Home Street Home

Home Street Home: Original Songs from the Shit Musical

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FAT800 - February 10, 2015

Songs from Fat Mike’s musical performed by NOFX and members of Descendents, Lagwagon, No Use for a Name, Alkaline Trio, Mad Caddies, Frank Turner, The Living End, Old Man Markley, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Dance Hall Crashers, The Aggrolites, Limp, The Real McKenzies, Mariachi El Bronx, R.K.L. and Hedwig & the Angry Inch.

All music written by Fat Mike. All lyrics written by Fat Mike. Additional lyrics by Soma Snakeoil and Jeff Marx.


478 on Red, White and Gray Splatter vinyl. (no longer available)
485 on Gray with Red Haze color vinyl. (no longer available)
109 on Striped color vinyl. (no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Monsters
2. Three String Guitar
3. Urban Campers
4. Fecal Alcohol Syndrome
5. Three Against Me
6. High Achievers
7. Gutter Tarts
8. Bad Decision
9. Missing Child
10. I’m Suicide
11. Let’s Get Hurt
12. Safe Words
13. Another Bad Decision
14. Seeping Beauty (Reprise)
15. Bearly Legal
16. Because I Want To
17. Life… Oh What a Drag
18. The Agony of Victory

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