Globally renowned guitarist, artist and founding member of punk rock heavyweights NOFXEric Melvin needs little introduction.

Adored by fans across the world, Eric Melvin has been at the pinnacle of his career for over 3 decades, playing to hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe each year, selling millions of albums, and sustaining a staggering 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify as part of NOFX.

Outside of his work with NOFX, fans have been eagerly watching Melvin's solo transformation into Producer / DJ for nearly 10 years; beginning with the now legendary "Mosh-Up" collection of mixes on Soundcloud which saw Melvin's entry into the world of mash-ups with short, sharp sets that seamlessly molded together punk rock, hip-hop, EDM & funk - and mixing the likes of NWA with Fugazi & The Circle Jerks!!

Harnessing the parallels between the DIY ethos and energy of punk rock & EDM - over the next few years, Melvin began refining his production skills by bending and blending genres to create a style of music that pays homage to his history whilst lighting a fuse on his future.

The sonic start to this journey comes with Melvin's first commercial solo release scheduled for Fall 2022 under the moniker Melvinator.

Having been on the lips, hearts & minds of NOFX fans since Eric Melvin launched Melvinator as a DJ project back in 2013, it will come as no surprise to those paying attention, that the project explores the DIY links between punk rock & EDM, and will offer fans brand new versions of NOFX staples, such as Suits & Ladders, Reeko and of course American Errorist.

Recorded over the course of two years alongside engineer Baz The Frenchman (NOFX – The Decline at Red Rocks), and producer Fat Mike. The album also features a tantalizing collaboration with Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails.

With a packed schedule for 2022-2023, Melvinator has teamed up with long term friend, bandmate & label boss Fat Mike as one of the first signings to his new label Bottles To The Ground.

Expect a groundswell of excitement from all corners of the globe. 

This hasn’t been done before…

The Rise of the Melvinator is upon us.