Morning Glory

Poets Were My Heroes

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FAT791 - August 28, 2012

This epic album is a sonic kaleidoscope of punk noise melding strings, horns, choirs, pianos and organs over a web of distorted guitars and marching, single kick pedal drums. It is both grand and elaborate, with each song evoking a different mood and style, challenging the musicianship of even the most dexterous players, while still maintaining its punk-inspired simplicity and catchy anthemic sound throughout. Beyond the music itself, the message of the songs on Poets Were My Heroes differential themselves from the standard politi-kill crust punk acts, embracing a more positive outlook of unity in diversity.


- 313 on color vinyl. No longer available.

Track Listing

1. Everything’s A Song (To Me)
2. Shelter From The Spoon
3. Poets Were My Heroes
4. March Of The Asylum
5. Quemar Las Fronteras
6. Divide By
7. Orphan’s Holiday
8. Touch
9. Patiently
10. Life’s A Long Revenge
11. Another Way (Outside The Walls Of Eden)
12. Born To December

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