No Use For A Name

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Release #690 - July 10, 2007

Twenty-six song “Best of” collection, commemorating 20 years as a band. All tracks have been re-mastered and it features 2 unreleased songs and extensive liner notes and commentary from the band. An essential mix tape of all your favorite No Use for a Name songs for only 10 bucks! Melodic, 90’s skate-punk from one of Fat’s original bands.

26 song CD

Track Listing

1. International You Day
2. Justified Black Eye
3. Coming Too Close
4. Invincible
5. Dumb Reminders
6. Fatal Flu
7. Life Size Mirror
8. On the Outside
9. Soulmate
10. Let Me Down
11. Permanent Rust
12. Chasing Rainbows
13. Not Your Savior
14. Black Box
15. The Answer is Still No
16. Straight from the Jacket
17. Any Number Can Play
18. For Fiona
19. The Daily Grind
20. Let It Slide
21. Feeding the Fire
22. Part Two
23. Growing Down
24. Exit
25. History Defeats* (Previously Unreleased)
26. Stunt Double* (Previously Unreleased)

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