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You're Welcome

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FAT103 - April 26th, 2019

Enjoy heart-wrenching tales of woe set to innovative music from a sad genius? Well this album is definitely your bag. NOFX front man Fat Mike slides into his… shall we say, darker persona, and delivers a brutally honest and impressively innovative recounting of some depressing shit. You’re Welcome is haunting in the best and worst ways possible. 

1414 on red w/ splatter color vinyl. (Webstore exclusive) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

207 brown/yellow color vinyl. (Euro Store exclusive) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

103 red/black pinwheel color vinyl (US Record Store) NO LONGER AVAILABLE

105 on Gold vinyl (band color)

291 on black vinyl w/ alternative cover artwork. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

210 on yellow vinyl w/ alternative artwork. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Track Listing

1. Bathtub
2. Fair Leather Friends
3. The Queen Is Dead
4. Swing and a Miss
5. Down with the Ship
6. Negative Reel 
7. That Time I Killed My Mom
8. Fuck You All
9. Pre Arraigned Marriage
10. Punk Rock Saved My Life


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