Pour Habit

Got Your Back

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FAT750 - April 12, 2011

Got Your Back brings blazing guitars, furious bass lines, tight pummeling percussion, and soulful energetic melodies, all of which are married perfectly into an album that runs the topical gamut from politics to partying.


330 on Blue Colored Vinyl (No Longer Available)
720 on black vinyl – still available

Track Listing

1. Dead Soldier’s Bay
2. Heads of State
3. Greenery
4. Matter of Opinion
5. East 69th
6. Head in the Clouds (Danny’s Song)
7. Party
8. Teens Turned to Fiends
9. Tomahawk
10. For All Who Have Given and Lost
11. Gutterblock Boy
12. The Expert
13. Conscience Mind of Revelation

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