Screeching Weasel

Bark Like A Dog

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Release #547 - November 05, 1996

Alive and kicking, with the original line-up and 12 new tunes. If you’re on the lookout for introspective, accessible songs then you’d best look elsewhere, buddy.

12 song CD & LP

2016 Repress:
563 On Green Vinyl (no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Get Off My Back
2. Cool Kids
3. The First Day Of Summer
4. You’ll Be In My Dreams Today
5. You Blister My Paint
6. Stupid Girl
7. Phasers On Kill
8. Handcuffed to You
9. (She Got) Electroshocked
10. It’s Not Enough
11. I Will Always Be There
12. Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart

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