Live in a Dive: Subhumans

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FAT664 - February 10, 2004

If you thought other Fat bands smelled band, you should’ve taken a whiff of the Subs after this amazing live show. One thing that doesn’t stink, however, is this live record with its 26 songs and cool comic book artwork. Mmmm, smells like butterscotch.

26 song CD & Double LP (197 on red & yellow vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. All Gone Dead
2. Can’t Hear The Words
3. Waste Of Breath
4. It’s Gonna Get Worse
5. Joe Public
6. Somebody’s Mother
7. This Year’s War
8. Apathy
9. Pigman
10. Animal
11. Peroxide
12. Businessmen
13. Subvert City
14. Rain
15. Reality Is Waiting For A Bus
16. Nothing I Can Do
17. Wake Up Screaming
18. Evolution
19. Parasites
20. No
21. Mickey Mouse Is Dead
22. Society
23. Black And White
24. Religious Wars
25. Work-Rest-Play-Die
26. Drugs Of Youth

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