Swingin' Utters

Drowning in the Sea, Rising with the Sun

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FAT986 - December 08, 2017

This double LP collects songs that represent the band’s history. There are live staples, fan favorites, and even a few tracks that never work their way into the band’s live show.

408 on Color Vinyl. Web store edition. No Longer Available.

96 on Color Vinyl. Tour Edition. No Longer Available.


Track Listing

1. Don’t Ask Why
2. As You Start Leaving
3. No Eager Men
4. Nowhere Fast
5. Tell Them Told You So
6. Five Lessons Learned
7. Taking the Long Way
8. My Glass House
9. London Drunk
10. Tied Down, Spit On
11. Pills & Smoke
12. Tell Me Lies
13. The Librarians Are Hiding Something
14. Fifteenth & T
15. Brand New Lungs
16. Beached Sailor
17. End of the Weak
18. Kick It Over
19. Mother of the Mad
20. Glad
21. Strongman
22. Windspitting Punk
23. From the Observatory
24. Teenage Genocide
25. Alice
26. All That I Can Give
27. Stupid Lullabies
28. Fistful of Hollow
29. A Promise to Distinction
30. The Next in Line
31. Stuck in a Circle
32. Fruitless Fortunes
33. Catastrophe

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