Swingin' Utters

Poorly Formed

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FAT901 - February 19, 2013

Poorly Formed is anything but what the name suggests. To the contrary, it reflects SWINGIN’ UTTERS’ ever expanding musical proficiency. Obviously they’ve got the punk rock end of the spectrum nailed, and have always had a flare for folk and country as well, but this album sees them hone their indie/post-punk/garage-rock skills.


- 417 on tan vinyl. No longer available.
- 103 on light blue vinyl with special Fat Record Store center labels. Only available in person at the Fat Wreck Record Store.

Track Listing

1. The Librarians Are Hiding Something
2. Brains
3. Stuck In a Circle
4. Pour Beans
5. I’m a Little Bit Country
6. In a Video
7. Poorly Formed
8. Greener Grass
9. Temporary Contemporary
10. A Walk With the Postman
11. Military Barbara Billingsley
12. Dreadlock Dread Reggae
13. The Fake Rat of Dave Navarro
14. Sevita Sing

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