The Flatliners

The Great Awake

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FAT723 - September 04, 2007

The debut Fat album from Toronto, Ontario’s, the Flatliners. Twelve tracks of raging punk infused with reggae, ska and hardcore in the vein of Operation Ivy, NOFX and Dillinger Four.

12 Song CD & LP (213 green colored vinyl, no longer available)

2017 repress: 510 on color vinyl. No Longer Available.

Track Listing

1. July! August! Reno!
2. Eulogy
3. …And the World Files for Chapter 11
4. This Respirator
5. Meanwhile, In Hell…
6. Mother Teresa Chokeslams the World
7. This is Giving Up
8. Mastering the World’s Smallest Violin
9. You Guys Want One of These?
10. These Words are Bullets
11. Hal Johnson Smokes Cigarettes

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