Goober Patrol

In the early 90’s, four complete loons decided to pick up instruments and make a racket. The resulting din required a name that embodied both their incredible musical prowess and their extreme knack for silliness. The only fitting moniker was GOOBER PATROL.

Having garnered overwhelmingly positive response to their first two albums, GOOBER PATROL suddenly realized that fans were rabidly multiplying. Folks were looking beyond the band’s early image of ‘hillbillies with wind problems’ and seeing them for what they truly are: some very talented little bastards!

FAT wined ’em and dined ’em and begged ’em for the chance to release their third album. After intense negotiating, endless haggling, and a now infamous bare-knuckled bar-room brawl, GOOBER PATROL conceded and FAT was graced with an amazing poppy punk album. Their first FAT release, Vacation, displayed their mastery at concocting contagious, hook-laden punk tunes.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Drunk is GOOBER PATROL’s second album on FAT. On this outing, the GOOBERS whip up a versatile punk puree that mixes offbeat Brit humor and serious personal overtones with raw, hardcore, punk ‘n’ roll, plus their own uniquely GOOBEResque approach to melodies.

GOOBER PATROL has toured Europe with NOFX, Mr. T Experience, and some band called Green Day. They’ve wreaked havoc on North America more than a few times with bands like Tilt and Diesel Boy.

On tour antics include drinking, drinking, and more drinking. When GOOBER PATROL aren’t drinking, they are slamming their hands in elevators. Guitarist Tim did this so well last tour that he had to play for the entire two month tour with a cast! We’re not sure, but we think he might have been drunk when he did it.