Love Equals Death

After forming on Halloween night in 2003, Love Equals Death made quick work of things and rose to the top of the SF Bay Area’s punk rock heap. Things were happening for the band and they were happening fast: shows with TSOL, Avenged Sevenfold, The Distillers, and more. It was at one of these local gigs that Fat Mike first witnessed the spectacle of their live show and knew right away that he wanted to work with them. And thus began the alliance between Fat and Love Equals Death; months later they emerged from the studio with their debut, Nightmerica.

The band’s name is inspired by the members’ long and sordid history in various punk acts throughout the years. Dominic was the founding member of Tsunami Bomb, Chon made a name for himself fronting local heroes Loose Change and Envain, while the other dudes did time in bands like Eye Defy and 26 M.P.H. But you know the story, shit happens and bands break up. The difference with Love Equals Death is that this band was forged out of their frustration and disappointment with their past projects; and the glue that binds these four seasoned rockers is their drive to prove themselves and a desire to push their limits of creativity.

The band describes their music as “a raw sound that twists all the best elements of both classic and modern sounds into something entirely new”, but we think it sounds like a punk rock hybrid of Billy Idol and AFI. No need to argue, because Nightmerica is a diverse debut that draws as much from Duran Duran as it does “Horror Punk” bands like the Misfits and the Damned. They’re great tunes and producer Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, NOFX, Good Riddance) did some of his finest work to capture the dark tones and punchy punk rock that is Nightmerica.

One of this band’s hallmarks is their hunger for playing shows, and Love Equals Death didn’t waste any time in hitting the road as they were doing full U.S. tours before they had any recorded material. Such is the plan for the future, and these ambitious punks just wrapped up a big tour with Pennywise, No Use For A Name, and Suicide Machines; and they have months and months of touring in the works. Expect to see this determined new band everywhere in 2006!