Nerf Herder

Did you know that Nerf Herder was formed in 1994 by Parry, Steve and original bassist Charlie Dennis? It’s true. And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder’s debut album came out on Joey Cape from Lagwagon’s My Records label? It’s true. Joey needed a band to kick off his label, and when the few he really wanted wouldn’t do it, he had to settle for Nerf Herder, who he knew from Santa Barbara. He invested about 12 big ones to record the album with Ryan Greene. It was done quick and cheap, and turned out great. And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder’s song “Van Halen” had been played on Live 105 before the band members had even gotten a copy of the CD? It’s true! Fat Pete from Fat Wreck Chords, who received the shipment of CD’s for Joey, took the song to Live 105’s Aaron Axelsen, who immediately put it on the air. It began to smoke, and the rest is history.

Did you know that if you have a song on the radio some fool will give you money to be on their record label? It’s true. Due to the success of their song “Van Halen”, Nerf Herder was flown to New York, put up in a fancy hotel, driven around in a limo, taken to a strip club, and then signed to a moderate sized record contract with Arista Records. Weeks later the band would be driving around the country in a foul smelling rental van and sleeping on roll-away beds at the Days Inn every night. And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder once sang happy birthday to Clive Davis, one of the most famous guys in the music industry? It’s true. Although Arista is home to such famous singers as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Barry Manilow, it was Nerf Herder that was walked into the gigantic Battle-Star Galactica-like boardroom at Arista Records and sang Happy Birthday for Clive’s 103rd (approximately) birthday. The band was then given a bottle of Kristal and sent off in a limo that had once been ridden in by Demi Moore. And the rest is history.

Did you know that some people consider Nerf Herder to be a type of music called Nerd Core? It’s true. Also the band frequently gets its name spelled wrong, like “Nerf Heifer”. And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder wrote and performed the theme song for the hot youth oriented television show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer? It’s true. During the initial filming of the show, one of the cast members got a hold of Nerf Herder’s debut album, and soon the whole cast and crew was being subjected to Nerf Herder’s music. When show creator Joss Whedon was disappointed by the theme music that the fancy “professional” Hollywood theme music writer came up with, he asked Nerf Herder to give it a try. Not only did he love the song, but it was cheap, too. And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder has never met or spoken with anyone from Van Halen, the band that inspired their mid-level hit from January of 1997? It’s true! The band did hear that Alex and Eddie Van Halen really liked the song, and the band was given permission to use theirs, and Michael Anthony and Valerie Bertinalli’s images in their video for the song. David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar refused permission, Hagar going far enough as to call the band members “faggots”. The video for “Van Halen” was added to regular rotation on MTV and was seen by anyone who was watching the channel at 3 in the morning. M2 played the hell out of the song. And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder, were not dropped, but actually requested to be let go from their major label deal in 1999, losing out on all kinds of big buy out bucks, gravy and stuff? Completely accurate! Anticipating a long, doomful and embarrassing wait until eventual droppage, Nerf Herder opted to get out quick (relatively) and release a CD, How To Meet Girls on their current label, the awesome indie, Honest Don’s. Man, are they glad they did that! And the rest is history.

Did you know that Nerf Herder has toured with Weezer, Bloodhound Gang, Reel Big Fish, No Use For A Name and the Vandals? It’s true! They’ve gone all over the world and most of Arizona. And the rest is history!

Did you know that Nerf Herder actually asked Courtney Love’s permission to release their confused love ode “Courtney”, from their 2nd CD How To Meet Girls? That is no lie! Her lawyer, who must be a real busy guy, approved the song, saying that he thought it was “funny”. And Courtney herself has been quoted as saying that the song is “bizarre”. That sounds like a compliment! And the rest is history.

Did you know that Honest Dons has re-released Nerf Herders legendary My EP with extra-special additional new classic geek rock anthems “Fight For Your Right To Masturbate”, “Nikki Webster” and “I want to take you out for Ice Cream” tacked on to already well known nerdcore anthems such as “Sportsman Bar”, “Love Sandwich”, and “I’ve got a boner for Christmas”? Ex-surgeon general Jocylen Elders is totally stoked that it’s true! And the rest is history.

Editor’s note: It should be noted that the mighty NH have an even newer release, American Cheese, and that is their masterwork. Ummm, I guess the rest is history.