None More Black

None More Black are a confusing bunch. They’re simultaneously satirical and serious. They’re way into confounding expectations. They’re elusive and straightforward all at once. They’re funny guys, but they take themselves pretty seriously.. They’ve had over ten members. New drummer Richard “Horsebites” Minino is an accomplished Florida artist perhaps most famous for his work on the iconic Fest posters. Frontman Jason Shevchuk is quiet and unassuming until the mic is on then he turns into a raspy, screaming maniac. The NMB team went on indefinite hiatus in 2007 only to return in ‘08 with a show in a photo gallery of all places. Nothing is what it seems with None More Black, except for that their new album, Icons, which drops on Oct 28th on Fat Wreck Chords is definitely gonna be the next installment in their already bizarre, genre bending take on no-bullshit punk rock and if that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, well, it doesn’t have to. It’s just kind of how it is.

None More Black formed in 2000 after Shevchuk’s former band, the legendary Kid Dynamite broke up. They put out File Under Black in 2003 on Fat Wreck Chords and followed it up in ’04 with the critically acclaimed Loud About Loathing ep on Sabot records. In ’06 they put out their second Fat Wreck full length This is Satire, the band’s most successful and daring work to date. And just when things seemed like they were falling into place, NMB said ‘fuck it’ and went on hiatus.

Well, after some much needed time off the boys returned with that now legendary photo gallery show and a subsequent face melting coming out party in front of a rabid crowd (like, really going apeshit) at the Fest 7. Shortly thereafter, NMB announced their full on return and eventually began work on Icons, their third full length for Fat.

Recorded with producer Will Yip (Lauren Hill, the Fray, Cradle of Filth), Icons marks the beginning of a new chapter of None More Black. Minino, formerly of New Mexican Disaster Squad joins the guys in the studio for the first time and their hiatus has only served to heighten the anticipation of what’s sure to be yet another expectation-defying-yet-still-totally-ass-kickingly-rocking record. Will it sound like This Is Satire? Probably not. Will they tour extensively? Only time will tell. Will they continue to do their own thing and blaze their own little trail of awesome weirdness regardless of what anyone thinks or says? Hey man. Of course they will. They’re None More Black for fucks sake. You try telling ‘em what to do.