The Epoxies

Portland, Oregon is a place forsaken by civilized man. A hellish wasteland of burned out buildings overturned cars and detritus of a world gone mad. It is remarkable that humans can survive in such a place and it is truly extraordinary that five renegade scavengers could emerge from this forgotten land to transform the very face of music.

And yet, in the year 2000, The Epoxies burst savagely forth. Clad in the very refuse that surrounded, and, some would say, defined them. This band of castaway mutants arose to renew the once-great music scene of the Northwest, and in so doing, gave hope to cyborgs and subhumans everywhere.

The Epoxies ventured into the world of recorded media with a 7" on the dynamic Northwest punk label, Dirtnap Records. The record sold out in no time, as did their self-titled debut full length, which went on to sell 20,000 copies. Much of the success could be attributed to their hyperstimulating live show and furious tour schedule.

Accustomed to roaming the wastes, The Epoxies took easily to life on the road. Scavenging ceaselessly across the U.S. In addition to their own endless touring The Epoxies have done time with Anti-Flag and Strike Anywhere on the Rock Against Bush Tour and toured Europe with NOFX.

Much has been accomplished in the short years since The Epoxies began, but much remains to be done. Who dares predict the devastating consequences of The Epoxies first Fat Wreck full length, the forebodingly titled: Stop The Future.

But what of the “music”?

The Epoxies possess both the stylized veneer of new wave and the edgy sneer of early punk. They are however, by no means a time capsule. This band is fierce, refreshing, and unlike the slew of other new wave revivalists and punk rock throwbacks that are beginning to surface. They incorporate synthesized laser whines, automaton yodeling, buzzsaw guitars, and an aggressive beat into a sound entirely their own.

It will come as good news to The Epoxies’ faithful that they plan to bring their trademark brand of punk wave to every corner of the globe in support of Stop The Future. They’ve already done two full U.S. tours with bands like Against Me! and the Aquabats; gone to Europe and Japan; and finally are booking their own headlining tour and bringing out Teenage Bottlerocket and The Phenomenauts. Look for that that 6-week monster to hit every town in the States as this is a band in high demand!

And they have demands of their own. The Epoxies demand that you STOP THE FUTURE!