Vocalist Cinder Block brings a dose of estrogen to the testosterone-fueled ranks at FAT. Her incredible voice and powerful lyrics enhance TILT’s gut level, punk anthems with passion and expressiveness previously untapped in the FAT roster.

TILT’s first FAT release, Til It Kills (1995), showcased their ability to write catchy, high energy punk anthems while not compromising their softer side, as heard on the beautiful punk love song which closes the album, ‘Berkeley Pier.’ TILT fans would have to wait until 1998 to hear another record from the East Bay quartet.

After a brief hiatus, TILT released their second album on FAT, Collect ’Em All, to rave reviews. The addition of ex-Screw 32 bassist, Jimmy Cheetah, noticeably increased the band’s raw energy and live presence. TILT’s return to the East Bay punk scene was greatly celebrated.

TILT’s third FAT full length, Viewers Like You, is their best sounding record to date and continues with the classic TILT sound. Lyrically it tackles social issues, personal politics, and gender issues. Following the release of the new record, TILT’s original bassist, Pete Rypins, returned to the band to solidify the lineup. In support of Viewers Like You, TILT toured Europe as part of the 1999 Fat Tour, and toured the U.S. with bands like No Use For A Name and One Man Army.

TILT’s latest release, Been Where? Did What?, is a collection of early demos, out-takes, and rarities. It’s got all the goodies a TILT fan could ask for: new stuff, cool cover songs, and a look into TILT’s past. You can expect only the best from TILT, so prepare to be rocked!