Good Riddance

A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion

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FAT539 - June 04, 1996

GR’s second and some say best album.

17 song CD & LP (Limited pressing on red vinyl, no longer available)

(333 on color vinyl. No longer available)

2020 25th Anniversary deluxe colored repress with silver foil cover:

1,530 on color vinyl (web store color) (No Longer Available)
110 on colored vinyl (Fat Record Store)
103 on Gold colored vinyl (Band Color)

Track Listing

1. Weight of the World
2. Steps
3. A Credit to His Gender
4. Trophy
5. Up & Away
6. Last Believer
7. Static
8. Favorite Son
9. West End Memorial
10. This Is the Light
11. Bittersweet
12. Token Idiot
13. Come Dancing
14. Lampshade
15. Think of Me
16. The Sky Is Falling
17. Sometimes

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