Good Riddance

Capricorn One: Singles & Rarities

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FAT756 - July 06, 2010

Not only does Capricorn One bring together a comprehensive assemblage of Good Riddance singles, rarities, and unreleased tracks for the first time, it also features a commentary about each song written by lead singer Russ Rankin. A must have for the legions of Good Riddance fans.


(336 on burgundy color vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Stand
2. Class War 2000
3. Lame Duck Arsenal
4. Off the Wagon
5. Tragic Kingdom
6. All Mine
7. 21 Guns
8. Always
9. More Time
10. Remember When
11. Overcoming Learned Behavior
12. Flawed
13. Little Man
14. Free
15. What We Have
16. Me From Adam
17. Great Experiment
18. Not So Bad
19. Patriarch
20. Just For Today
21. Last Believer

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