Citizen Fish


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FAT720 - March 06, 2007

Fifteen song split cd from NYC’s ska/punk/crust band, Leftöver Crack, and the UK’s punk/ska veterans, Citizen Fish. Each band contributes a few originals along with Leftöver Crack covering a Subhumans and Citizen Fish song and Citizen Fish covering a Choking Victim and Leftover Crack song. Features cameos from Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy’s) and M.D.C.‘s Dave Dictor. The follow up release to 2006’s Baby Punchers / Meltdown split 7".

Track Listing

1. Working on the Inside
2. Money
3. Meltdown
4. Getting Used to It
5. Back to Square One
6. Join the Dots
7. Clear Channel (F*ck Off!)
8. L.O.C Intro (B.D.C)
9. Baby-Punchers
10. Genocidal Tendencies
11. …And Out Comes the N-Bomb!
12. Life Causes Cancer
13. World War 4
14. Supermarket Song
15. Reason for Existence

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