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Fat Music For Riot Fest People Vol. 2

This item is sold out and not available to order.

For orders that include digital songs, those are delivered as 320kbps MP3s and available to download immediately after purchase, for up to 5 days.

FATRIOT2 - September 11, 2015

3 disc pack with 6 songs total. Each flexi disc contains 2 songs and is double sided.

There’s 2 different color packs. Each pack is limited to 250. No longer available.

Track Listing

1. NOFX - SF Clits
2. Night Birds - Blank Eyes
3. Strung Out - Rats In The Walls
4. PEARS - Anhedonia
5. Good Riddance - Running On Fumes
6. Western Addiction - Ex-Humans

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