First Ditch Effort

For orders that include digital songs, those are delivered as 320kbps MP3s and available to download immediately after purchase, for up to 5 days.

FAT953 - October 07, 2016

NOFX’s thirteenth full length!


2090 on Opaque Light Pink Vinyl for retail stores as part of 10 Bands 1 Cause.
1990 on Gray Vinyl. Available in Retail Stores.
1515 on Bone Vinyl w/ Bronze Splatter. Standalone Web Store Version. No Longer Available.
1048 on Opaque Blue/Green Swirl vinyl. Available only in the Deluxe Bundle. No Longer Available.
157 on Opaque Yellow/Magenta Half n Half w/ Black Splatter Fat Wreck Chords Record Store Edition. No Longer Available.
108 on Gold Vinyl. Each band member received an equal amount of this pressing.

Track Listing

1. Six Years on Dope
2. Happy Father’s Day
3. Sid and Nancy
4. California Drought
5. Oxy Moronic
6. I Don’t Like Me Anymore
7. I’m A Transvest-lite
8. Ditch Effort
9. Dead Beat Mom
10. Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
11. It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom
12. I’m So Sorry Tony
13. Generation Z

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