Mad Caddies

Just One More

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FAT645 - March 11, 2003

Two guys walk into a bar and…uhhh…end up on the cover of this record. The Caddies invite you to pull up a stool and join them for a cocktail made up of punk, ska, reggae, dixie, rock, and of course a dash of Jagermeister.

15 song CD & LP

219 on blue vinyl, no longer available

2018 repress for Classic Color Vinyl Subscription series:
914 on yellow w/ orange colored vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Drinking For 11
2. Contraband
3. Villains
4. Silence
5. Just One More
6. Day By Day
7. Leavin
8. Rockupation
9. Last Breath
10. Spare Change?
11. Riot
12. 10 West
13. Good Intentions
14. Wet Dog
15. Game Show

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