Swingin' Utters

Live in a Dive: Swingin' Utters

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FAT669 - June 29, 2004

Zoiks Scoob! We captured an amazing live show for this record, and those meddling Utters went on to capture the crooks… read all about it in the comic book!

23 song CD & 25 song Double LP (219 on blue & green vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Don’t Ask Why
2. Pills & Smoke
3. Five Lessons Learned
4. Jackie Jab
5. Nowhere Fast
6. Glad
7. Tied Down, Spit On
8. Hopeless Vows
9. Fruitless Fortunes
10. All That I Can Give
11. Windspitting Punk
12. Tell Me Lies (LP only)
13. The Courage Of A Younger Pope
14. Sign In A Window (LP only)
15. No Eager Men
16. 15th And T
17. Teenage Genocide
18. I Got Your Number
19. Mother Of The Mad
20. London Drunk
21. Expletive Deleted
22. The Next In Line
23. The Dirty Sea
24. Here We Are Nowhere
25. Catastrophe

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