Never Trust A Hippy

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FAT708 - March 14, 2006

Thing is, NOFX will be going to hell for this EP. 6 new tunes, 2 of which will be on their new record Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing.

( * from their upcoming full length Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing)

6 song CDEP / 10"

Track Listing

1. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock *
2. The Marxist Brothers *
3. Golden Boys
4. You’re Wrong
5. Everything In Moderation (Especially Moderation)
6. I’m Going To Hell For This One


1700 on lime green/transparent blue color vinyl (Web Color)
347 on lime green color vinyl (EU retail color)
110 on neon green color vinyl (Fat Record Store color)
102 on gold vinyl (Band Color)
34 on glow in the dark color vinyl w/ glow in the dark cover


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