NOFX/Rancid: BYO Split Series Vol. III

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BYO 079 - March 05, 2002

It was BYO’s idea to do this thing, but it was Lint’s idea to do each others songs, and that’s what this thing is. Rancid doing 6 NOFX songs and NOFX doing 6 Rancid songs. I think it turned out pretty good. We spent way more time in the studio than we should of. Like 2 weeks I think, but we recorded 6 new NOFX songs too. Those will be on our new album I guess. I didn’t try to do Matt’s bass riffs cuz they’re too hard to figure out. We also changed a few chord progressions here and there cuz, why the hell not. We didn’t change any lyrics though, well just a few by mistake. It’s actually pretty hard to make out what Lint sings on Corazon de Oro. I gave it my best shot. -NOFX

12 song CD & LP

Track Listing

1. NOFX – I’m The One
2. NOFX – Olympia WA
3. NOFX – Tenderloin
4. NOFX – Antennaes
5. NOFX – Corozon De Oro
6. NOFX – Radio
7. Rancid – Moron Bros
8. Rancid – Stickin In My Eye
9. Rancid – Bob
10. Rancid – Don’t Call Me White
11. Rancid – Brews
12. Rancid – Vanilla Sex

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