The Real McKenzies

Rats in the Burlap

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FAT941 - April 07, 2015

After 23 years of traversing the globe to spread their festive, high-octane, booze-fueled brand of punk rock, THE McKENZIES show no signs of slowing.


507 on Black & Red vinyl (No Longer Available)

Track Listing

1. Wha Saw the 42nd
2. Up on a Motorbike
3. Who’d a Thought
4. Midnight Train to Moscow
5. Lilacs in the Alleyway
6. Yes
7. You Wanna Know What
8. What Have You Done
9. Bootsy the Haggis-Eating Cat
10. Spinning Wheels
11. Stephen’s Green
12. The Fields of Inverness
13. Catch Me
14. Dead or Alive

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