Good Riddance

Remain In Memory - The Final Show

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FAT725 - March 18, 2008

A live recording of Good Riddance’s final show in their hometown of Santa Cruz, California on May 27th, 2007. The set list reads more like a greatest hits album, mixing the best of the band’s 12+ year career and touching on favorites from each of their seven full lengths, EPs and 7"s on Fat plus a couple rarities. Recorded by Jamie McMann, Mixed by Jason Livermore.


Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Revenge
3. Made To Be Broken
4. More Depalma, Less Fellini
5. Weight of the World
6. Flies First Class
7. Think of Me
8. Yesterday’s Headlines
9. Without Anger
10. Out of Mind
11. Salt
12. A Credit To His Gender
13. United Cigar
14. 21 Guns
15. Last Believer
16. Fertile Fields
17. Darkest Days
18. One for the Braves
19. Shadows of Defeat
20. All Fall Down
21. Letters Home
22. Indoctrination
23. Not So Bad
24. 30 Day Wonder
25. Steps
26. Shit-Talking Capitalists
27. Libertine
28. Pisces/Almost Home
29. Winning the Hearts and Minds
30. Mother Superior
31. Waste

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