Good Riddance

Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit

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FAT625 - July 10, 2001

Plain and simple: these guys do not fuck around. Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit is the fifth full length from Good Riddance and quite possibly their best yet. Scathing lyrics. Catchy. Hard Hitting. Symptoms is all of these things.

14 song CD & LP (546 on gray marble vinyl, no longer available)

2017 color repress: 327 on color vinyl (no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Fire Engine Red
2. Enter the Unapproachables
3. Yesterday’s Headlines
4. Great Leap Forward
5. Cheyenne
6. Libertine
7. Trial of the Century
8. Nobody Likes a Cynic
9. Year of the Rat
10. Pisces/Almost Home
11. Defusing the Popular Struggle
12. All the Joy You’ve Ever Known
13. Blue Black Eyes
14. Spit You Out

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