This is Crime Wave

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BTTG-009 - Mar. 24th, 2023


The debut album from Codefendants -  Fat Mike’s new project with Sam King of Get Dead, Ceschi Ramos and some guest accomplices including Get Dead, Stacey Dee from Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Onry Ozzborn of Dark Time Sunshine, and the incomparable DOC. 

10 Song Vinyl

Track Listing

1. Def Cons
2. Abscessed (feat. Get Dead and Onry Ozzborn)
3. Fast Ones (feat. The DOC)
4. Suicide by Pigs
5. Disaster Scenes (feat. Stacey Dee)
6. Prison Camp
7. Suckers
8. Brutiful
9. Sell Me Youth
10. Coda-fendants

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