Good Riddance

Thoughts and Prayers

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FAT124 - July 19, 2019

The genre-defining melodic-hardcore geniuses in Good Riddance aren’t shy about reminding you that, frankly, they’ve still got it. The 12 ripping tracks on Thoughts and Prayers will have you wondering how you ever managed to get along without them.


Track Listing

1. Edmund Pettus Bridge
2. Rapture
3. Don't Have Time
4. Our Great Divide
5. Wish You Well
6. Precariat
7. No King but Caesar
8. Who We Are
9. No Safe Place
10. Pox Americana
11. Lo Que Sucede
12. Requisite Catastrophes

105 on gold with splatter color vinyl

262 on color vinyl

545 on half and half with splatter

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