Star Fucking Hipsters

Until We're Dead

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FAT732 - September 30, 2008

Straight out of the squats of NYC, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS are a veritable who’s who of the punk/ska/crust scene. Originally the brainchild of Leftover Crack vocalist Sturgeon and drummer Brandon Chevalier-Kolling, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS was temporarily derailed by Brandon’s tragic and untimely death.
Pulsing with an unrelenting intensity, and coupled with Sturgeon’s sociopolitical lyrics, Until Were Dead is an onslaught of punk/ska/crust that will have the listener clamoring for more.

CD/LP with download card insert
(348 on red vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Introduccion a los Hipsters
2. Until We’re Dead
3. Immigrants & Hypocrites
4. Two Cups Of Tea
5. Empty Lives
6. Snitch to the Suture
7. Only Sleep
8. 9/11 Was (An Inside Joke)
9. The Path is Paved
10. Zombie Christ
11. This Wal-Mart Life
12. Broken
13. Death or Fight

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