Sick Of It All

Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

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FAT111 - November 02, 2018

The godfathers of NYC Hardcore make their triumphant return to Fat with this 17 track banger. Every bit as potent as their classics, Wake the Sleeping Dragon! is a punch in the teeth, that ranges from serious political issues to tongue-in-cheek takes on modern society.

444 on black w/ splatter color vinyl. No Longer Available.

145 on Copper Swirl color vinyl. US Record Store Edition. No Longer Available.


Track Listing

1. Inner Vision
2. That Crazy White Boy Shit
3. The Snake (Break Free)
4. Bulls Anthem
5. Robert Moses Was A Racist
6. Self Important Shithead
7. To The Wolves
8. Always With Us
9. Wake The Sleeping Dragon
10. 2+2
11. Beef Between Vegans
12. Hardcore Horseshoe
13. Mental Furlough
14. Deep State
15. Bad Hombres
16. Work The System
17. The New Slavery

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