New Swingin' Utters EP!

Guess what? Today, we dropped a new Swingin’ Utters EP titled Sirens! If you loved Peace and Love as much as we did, you’ll be thrilled to know that the four songs are lifted from that recording session. The title track is directly off the album, two are alt mixes, and one is unreleased! The best part about this news is that you can hear the ENTIRE EP right now on your preferred digital service. Additionally, we pressed this into some premium vinyl, and it’s available to ship immediately from our webstore. Check out what Darius Koski, guitar/vocals, had to say below: 


Innocence was a leftover from the Peace and Love sessions. Kinda reminds me of political, snotty punk rock from the eighties. It was written along with those other pretty angry songs from that record... we were all trying to wrap our heads around the reality, horror, and disappointment of the election. I’m pretty happy we could fit four songs on this thing, too! I’ve always liked alternate mixes, demo, or different versions of pre-released songs, so I made sure we saved a couple of the early mix versions of a couple of songs I love from the record.