If you’ve been yearning for a sonic fix to subdue your nerves, we have you covered. Today, Decibel is premiering a brand new song from Western Addiction! “Lurchers” is the second assault off Frail Bray, which drops on May 15th. Working for the first time with producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Gouge Away), Western Addiction tracked Frail Bray live to tape—another first for them—at the Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA. Check out what vocalist Jason Hall had to say about writing this shredder below.


This was the last song written for the record, and we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It's a straight-forward ripper with the structure of a classic country-western, 50s rock and roll song, and it even features some Moog. Darius from Swingin' Utters played tambourine because, surprisingly, that instrument is so damn hard to play correctly. I tried my best to interject melody throughout this record instead of barking like a lunatic all the time. The song is a manifesto for better living, the threat of hope, and aggressive positivity. I encourage everyone to be bold about making this world a better place.



Frail Bray is available for pre-order and, there are still a few black vinyl bundles with a Flexi 7” up for grabs